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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:27 pm 
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Corruption, bane of Nigerian League – British coach
By Olanrewaju Agiri | Jul 22, 2012 ... ry_id=1400

British-born UEFA licence coach, Latif Alnassar, has been in Nigeria, particularly Ibadan, for the past four months where he has opportunity to watch the Nigerian League. In this interview he granted Olanrewaju Agiri while returning to the UK after completing a three-month soccer-coaching course for the players of Ibadan-based Frenage Progression International Soccer Academy, he gave his candid opinion on the League.

Give us brief about your background?
My name is Latif Alnassar. I’m the Head Chief Coach of Progression Academy in London. I am also the Head Chief Coach of Frenage Progression International Soccer Academy, Nigeria, under the supervision of Sir Tony Calver, former Ajax Amsterdam coach. My journey into the professional football industry started many years back. My playing career took me to many clubs worldwide which include: L.A Galaxy in the MLS, Valencia, Villarreal in the La Liga, Spain, Fulham, Tottenham, Norwich City and Colchester United in England, Al-Arabi FC, Al-Qadisiya in the Kuwaiti Premier League.

I also had the privilege of passing through many great legendary coaches in my football career such as Perry Suckling (Manchester City former first team goalkeeper), Aleksander Dixon who coached many giants clubs in Serbia and currently with Al-Qadisiya in Kuwait and my greatest coach that made me what I am today in this world of football. He is Alex Cancer, former Leyton Orient player who also featured in Champions League matches. Also, I’m UEFA Grade ‘B’ licenced football coach. In a few weeks time, I’ll graduate to UEFA licence ‘A.’ I also have England FA licence ‘A’ badge.

What motivated your football expedition to Africa?
(Sighs) Well, Africa was the last continent where I would ever think of working to make world-class players and achieve a dream. That dream is to make history in the whole of the African nation through football so that I can always be remembered. The reason I was motivated to explore Africa was because I have seen many talented big name footballers in the football industry with giant clubs for the past 10 years and that made me to think of travelling to Africa and discover talents and make name. African footballers are always gifted with great talent, passion and most importantly the understanding in football. I think what is missing in African players is the opportunity of exposure in the football world and lack of good and great handler that would develop them and put them in the right frame of mind to play good football. If they have a strong development base, there will be chances of making it to the top in football.

What was in your mind when you came to Nigeria?
Africa was the last place I could ever think about in football. But I am really shocked over what I have seen in Nigeria so far. Talented players and fast development with great understanding of the game. Talent is not the word. The right word will be ‘God’s gift.’ I visited Nigeria in October 2011. When I attended Frenage Soccer Summit, it got me thinking about my dream in Nigeria and I believe that very soon, I can achieve my dream here. My visit to Nigeria in October motivated me to stay here and refer to Nigeria as my second home. I saw fantastic performance by players, especially in the attacking role as well as great teamwork. Coming to Nigeria enlivened my dream and I know that I can grow fast and make great superstars, legendaries and team in the football industry.

You’re now four months here, what has the experience been?
I have learnt over 100 words in Yoruba through my little interactions with Nigerian ladies. They are quite accommodating and helped me to adapt very well. The only thing I’ve not tried is African dishes. The only time I swallowed a ball of eba, I couldn’t breathe well until I vomited it. Nigeria is one of the best experiences in my life. I don’t know where to start and finish. So many good things happened while I’m in Nigeria and I gain a lot of experiences with African players by studying their mind in the game of football.

You’re a top coach with London Progression, what is the relationship between Frenage Nigeria and the London outfit?
The connection between Frenage Nigeria and Progression Academy, London, is making great history with full success by signing players to professional football clubs. Also, the relation between both sides is having great talented players with great development by having a Premier League standard training sessions. I don’t need to say much, but all Africas should know that there is going to be a great journey of success. Most importantly, Frenage Progression International Soccer Academy (FPISA) doesn’t do much talking nor waste time. We just love showing full action to demonstrate our pedigree in the football industry.

What challenges are you facing in Nigeria?
I have faced a lot of challenges such as weather change, the environment and different lifestyles of living which is 360 degrees completely different in the UK where I lived.

You have watched many league matches. What is your impression on the Nigerian league?
I have been to many Premier League football match venues since my stay in Nigeria and there is one thing I noticed missing about Nigerian football and the simple word to describe it is ‘simple football.’ This entails short passes on the ground, movement without ball by creating options, avoiding long high passes which gives higher chance of losing possession. If all these were inculcated into the Nigerian League teams, it would make the league more interesting to watch. I have essays, stories and reports about the performances and standard of football in Nigeria. Another aspect that needs improvement is the management and officials. The most important area that needs to be addressed is undue-interferences and corruption in football. It makes Nigerian football look archaic. If things continue this way, then the spirit, hope and passion will die in Nigerian Football.

What is your impression about Nigerian youth football?
I have had opportunity to watch Governor’s Cup final and the recently-concluded Academicals football finals played at the Lekan Salami Stadium, Ibadan. I was highly impressed with the young players performance. I had even predicted it when I played the team that represented Oyo State earlier before the tournament that Oyo State team would win gold by the end of the Academicals football tourney and I was damn right. The reason I predicted and very confident that they would be the Academicals champions was because of their sterling performance. They played FC Barcelona’s style marked by understanding and short touches throughout the game. It was a fantastic game and that was one of my favourite games that I have watched. It’s even better than all Premier League matches I have attended here in Nigeria. They have a bright future and I fully commend them.

You have selected a team to vie in the Glasgow City Cup. What should Nigerians expect?
As I said earlier, Frenage Progression International Soccer Academy (FPISA) does not waste their time by talking. We just show action. All Nigerians should put their legs in a cool pond as we are going to succeed and make impact in this tournament. There is one important thing that I want to promise and that is to make the journey and fruitful. I would like to dedicate the trophy of Glasgow Cup in advance to the two great personalities that I have met in Nigeria. They include Oyo State Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Dapo Lam-Adesina as well as the Executive Governor of the State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi. I would like to use this medium to send my message directly to all Nigerians that in this tournament, we are the only African team allowed to attend the competition and we are going to represent Nigeria well. I promise Nigerians that the trophy will be delivered. The mission statement of FPISA is absolute dedication to service by players, management and officials to Nigeria and the whole of African continent.

What would you like to be remembered for when leaving?
I would like to thank FPISA, especially the chairman, Prince Oluwole Ololade, who facilitated my coming to Africa as well as the good people of Nigeria for allowing me to impart some of my philosophy into African players. As I always say to everyone in the football industry, ‘prepare to fail and fail to prepare.’ I would like my players to remember what I used to tell them that: ‘Always make your country proud of you.’ We are all going to do our best for this country to achieve greatness in the comity of nations in global football and build good foundation for the future of the new generations.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:36 pm 
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This maga is a joke and a fraud,nobody has
ever seen him in ibadan. Its intellectually lazy
to say corruption is responsible for nija league's shortcomings- you dont even have to be PE coach from hackney to claim thar. The mugu is useless!


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Nigeria don suffer...

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:16 am 
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My playing career took me to many clubs worldwide which include: L.A Galaxy in the MLS, Valencia, Villarreal in the La Liga, Spain, Fulham, Tottenham, Norwich City and Colchester United in England, Al-Arabi FC, Al-Qadisiya in the Kuwaiti Premier League.

Fraud. Unless he was serving drinks at those clubs.


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DNQ no good o

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:20 am 
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progression football academy
scamming money and false hopes
6th of Jun, 2012 by messi234 ... 78920.html

latif alnassar and david ongorok run a football academy called progression academy where they promise people from the age of 6-29 to play pro football if u go on the website www.progresssion , u will see what ever u read on there website is not true and since i have been there i have found out that they didnt stick to what they have said in the first meeting cause they scam so many people they forget what they tell people, so here's the deal latif tells me they train on afc wimbledons pitch obviously its not i end up in a park called lavender anvenue and next to it is a small 3g pitch which any kid can use, latif tells me we are getting a new kit that we must wear at all times and loads of show case matches are coming up well guess what that never happened either, latif says we are gona play against maradona's team in dubai pfff that never happened im lucky i didnt buy my ticket as other people did and never got their money back, latif tells me i have a trial that never happened either as i already knew it was not a legit trial he organised himself it was something from football cv where u go online and pay yourself so that clearly shows he has no contacts and knows nobody. Since all this nonsense has been going on latif has been abroad in nigeria and dubai leaving david to run the academy but he aint doing a good job as there aint been training for 2 months and he has been telling lies about trials and show case matches for other people, no offence to the people in the academy but 90 percent of them are no where near gd enough to play in match against teams like liverpool, tranmere and everton oh these are the teams the under 16s are supposed to play but they will struggle against a sunday league team honestly. The worst thing is latif and david are making alot of money out of these poor kids that think they gona get signed when really they are not, there are a few adults like myself that are really talented and are good enough to play but its only a few of us that can see through them, one guy which i will not name has spent money on training, dubai tickets 300 quid which didnt happen, insurance 600 pounds for what he thought he needed to go on trial or play pro latif told him u need insurance if u wanna go on trial but thats not to true if u get scouted u go on trial for free u dont pay nothing n if your gd enough the club pays u and if u have an agent he gets a small share thats it, all together this guy has wasted at least 2000 pounds in a couple of months and thats just 1 person, please remember if u go to a football academy and they ask for money be carefull as there are a very few legit companies like football cv that is legit but remember just like any work u do the company pays u for your job or talent not the other way round.

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