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In the wake of another potential failure of the SE, and with many seeming to place, at least, part of the blame on the coach, I think it’s time for me to revisit a subject I’ve brought up here previously: the need for Nigeria to adopt the coaching consortium approach.

Before going farther, let me be the first to admit that this a radical and unconventional approach which must be carefully examined before being implemented. I hope I can see that here with honest rejection, constructive modifications or total approval.

Briefly, the consortium would have several coaches, each focusing on a specific department, just as in American gridiron football. The number is not fixed but there could be as many as 10 to 20 coaches and must include women. One of them would be the head coach and coordinator and could have a deputy. The others would be assistant coaches and could move from one department to another.

All 20 don’t have to be at the field at the same time. They can make quick and short remarks to the coach during the matches, and be ready with more detailed comments/recommendations at halftime. Final decision belongs to the head coach, naturally. The head coach can deploy a number of any of his assistants to the other national teams or to scout opponents or prospective players.

Now I want to address some of the objections that people had brought up in the past, and also state some of the advantages.

(1) TOO WIELDY AND COULD CREATE CONFUSION – The idea that everybody would be talking all the time is not true. Just as in gridiron football, you talk when the head coach wants you to and you focus primarily in your department. Of course, there are times you can talk about other related issues.
(2) TOO COSTLY – It surely is a lot of money paying as up to 20 coaches but we should keep in mind that it is this same set of coaches who would be responsible for all the national teams, men and women, junior and senior. They would also be doing the scouting of new players and opponents. When looked at that way, it is not expensive at all.
(3) SOME MAY TRY TO SABOTAGE THE COACH – C’est la vie. This could happen even if there are only three coaches. To minimize this, the coach would have a say who the assistants are if he’s not entirely responsible for picking them to achieve loyalty and cohesion.
(4) NO OTHER COUNTRY DOES IT THIS WAY – So what? When Nigeria succeeds at it, watch them send delegations to Nigeria to see how it works.
(5) IT HASN'T WORKED WITH OTHER COUNTRIES - Yes, because they haven't tried it.

(1) “Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors they are established.”Proverbs 15:22. In these times when many openly or privately doubt the ability of Nigerian coaches, it helps to have multiple inputs. Some of these assistants could even be non-Nigerians.
(2) CONTINUITY – The absence or loss of one coach would not threaten how the teams play, or change the players in the pool. And the Association would not be scurrying around looking for the next coach.
(3) UNIFORM PLAYING STYLE – All the national teams would play a recognizable Nigerian style.
(4) TRAINING GROUND FOR NEW COACHES – No doubt, being in the coaching consortium, at training and at matches will be very helpful in the development of new coaches.


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