Leeds United 2020-21 Season

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Leeds United 2020-21 Season

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Since Ayoakinfe has refused to support his club.

These guys might qualify for Europe this season. They are like Wolves from the past 2 seasons.
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Re: Leeds United 2020-21 Season

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dude how many Leeds threads do we need?
metalalloy wrote: Does the SE have Gray, Mahrez or Albrighton on our team or players of their caliber?
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Re: Leeds United 2020-21 Season

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In the end, however, the wisdom of preparing for the worst has its limits when — all things considered — it keeps us from doing what’s best.
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Re: Leeds United 2020-21 Season

Post by marko »

Leeds will finish top 10, they are not going down
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Re: Leeds United 2020-21 Season

Post by ohenhen1 »

Aston Villa that were contenders according to some CE folks got spanked by Leeds


The EPL is a marathon not a sprint.
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