Fundraising For Brother Suya's Burial In December

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Re: Fundraising For Brother Suya's Burial In December

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1naija wrote: Mon Jan 03, 2022 9:05 pm
DAgrin wrote: Tue Dec 28, 2021 9:32 pm When I entered the forum for the first time, I was a 16 year old German boy who had no idea about anything. I just knew that I am a fan of the Super Eagles and that I am passionate about all things Nigerian. I didn't really know why. But this passion was always there and it still is today.
Somehow I got into a conversation with Suya about Nigerian music, I don't remember the exact occasion, he sent me a "Nigerian drum mix" pretty suddenly. In German language of course. I still have the CD to this day and it reminds me of him.
The remarkable about Suya, among other things, I know how skillfully he was able to use words and how playfully he could "fight" his adversary friends, was how cosmopolitan he was.
I know this word is used very fashionably these days.
But Suya was Nigerian, German and citizen of the world at the same time.
As a seventeen year old, of course, I wasn't aware of that. But I still remember when I called him a halfcast in my naivete and in view of my lack of language skills. He corrected me gently and kindly and said, "It's called bi-racial". To this day I remember that correction. And I'll never call a "bi-racial" person halfcast again.
Initially, Suya welcomed me to the forum. He was a confidante because he knew the German language. And at the same time he opened the door to a strange world that I wanted to conquer.
In the beginning I didn't want to admit that I am a German who loves Nigeria because I thought that then I would no longer be able to belong to the community (Cyber ​​Eagles used to be a strong community). But Suya showed me with his strong self-confidence that identity is a question of belief.

Rest In Peace Suya
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Re: Fundraising For Brother Suya's Burial In December

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May his soul RIP.

Just seeing this..smh
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Re: Fundraising For Brother Suya's Burial In December

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This is extremely sad to seek was 19 years old when I joined cyber eagles,Suya was among the pioneers..I haven't been on here in years and I type this in a very sad state. my condolences to his family's had so many memories of Suya on here but I won't forget the rap track he did with Pa J on the intro PaJ's Album.

Listen to my beatz^^^^^

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