Nigerian football at the crossroads

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Nigerian football at the crossroads

Post by OJI »

We get it right, arrest the rot, and begin to revive the brand,  and fortunes of our football.

Pinnick has made attempts to get the private sector involved to accelerate the  Nigeria Football Federation's (NFF) financial independence from the government.  However, he is not aware no corporation intentionally wants to be associated with failure.
One solution to NFF's issues is to put the SuperEagles on a winning path. That requires amongst other things getting rid of Rohr.

As per FIFA, for the 2022 WC each qualifying team receives 2 million dollars to prepare for the tournament. Then they get $10 million to take part in the group stage. The further they progress in the tournament, the more money they get.
Round of 8 (12million per team),
Quarter final(18million per team)
Fourth place (25million for team)
Third Place (30million for team)
Second place (40million for team)
Winner (50million for team)

Appearance after the group stage requires your kit sponsor to up the bonuses.
Can Pinnick publicly tell us the terms of the contract he, and his executive team signed with NIKE?

Brazil's contract with NIKE amounts to $40 million per year thru 2026 with performance-related bonuses.

England's contract (extended in Aug 2018) with NIKE amounts to $540 million thru 2030 with performance-related bonuses.

France's contract with NIKE amounts to $56 million USD per year thru 2026.

Germany's contract with ADIDAS amounts to $57 million USD per year thru 2022.

Adidas reportedly made extra $1billion USD in 2014 with two Adidas kitted teams, Germany and Argentina, in the 2014 World Cup final.

The last publicly info available info on the Nigerian contract with NIKE amounted to $975K per year for 4 years. Yes, less than 1 million USD per year.  This is less than what is signed for one elite NCAA DiV 1 US college football or basketball program.

Nike is NOT interested , and would not be interested in selling, and has no further incentive of selling at best 5,500 jerseys worldwide for Nigeria. Why would NIKE go out it's way to promote the Nigerian jersey when it has Brazil, England and others to attend to ensure return on investment on these higher investments? Why would NIKE provide an option for a youngster opting to decide whether to buy a Nigeria jersey or England jersey?

At last 2018 World Cup, Nike's Nigeria jersey was a hotcake. Supposedly sold out worldwide.  Till today, can the NFF executive team tell us with a straight face how they capitalized on that? Or used to  to refine further discussions?

Again, it boils down to short term thinking, poor decisions in contracts, and coaching selections.

We have NOT talked about the appearance  fees Brazil, etc others charge for friendlies.

It is left to one's imagination the  broadcasting (TV/radio) fees paid to the federations to broadcast say England, Brazil games.

Note , I must make it clear I am NOT trying to compare Nigeria with Brazil, England, or France with their developed soccer ecosystem, and heritage.

Financing the modern game (players' salaries), clubs, and federation upkeep revolves around sponsorship and marketing commitments not fights over bonuses or government allocations.
That is anchored upon winning. Pinnick and his Rohr have abandoned all pretences to developing or identifying local talent. The current NFF have abandoned all pretences to developing the league (referees development, ensuring player payment, etc). Instead they have opted to convert foreign born, dual-nationality Nigerians (preferably English) as the backbone of the SuperEagles. Well, as we have seen with products of the English youth system, being comfortable with the ball at your feet, being creative and instinctive has been coached out of the lads.

We have Nigerians in name only, whose soccer mentality, and play is all European. This is the Pinnick led SuperEagles via Rohr. Selection, and retention of Rohr was, and is for non football reasons. Primary goal was to help convince these foreign raised Nigerians to switch. In moments of difficulty throughout the World Cup qualifiers, both coach and players were lost. Bankruptcy of imagination, no street football skills. Programmed to instructions. Instructions that were not forthcoming from a old era, conservative coach who had set his team to be defensive regardless of (ranking of) the opponent. Rohr has been given 5+ years yet there there is no identity or winning template.

You have all teams of the Nigerian football structure struggling with bonus payments. Men or women's teams. Instead of putting ambitious coaches desirous of winning in charge, you have sycophants, and willing stooges that are ready to tolerate dysfunctional setups. Imagine a coach in year 2021 being owed 8 mths pay. Rohr claims the federation owes him.  If you don't win, people don't watch, sponsors don't come aboard, you don't get broadcast commitments. You don't get merchandise sales. The vicious cycle continues.

Let me give an example of branding. Cafu of Brazil , who played 4 world cups, never hesitates to mention or remind people that his transfer to Europe is partially based on the reflected glory of the all conquering 1970 Brazilian team. Yes, he did have talent, he was hardworking, right attitude,  etc., but the Brazilian connection eliminated some frictions.

There are Brazilian coaches in various US Colleges programs who were , and are given benefit of doubt because of their Brazilian connection.

At different soccer events, most people don't remember most of the 1998, 2002, 2010, 2014 Nigerian team squads.  Discussions will eventually revolve around the 1994 squad. That is the power of winning with a soccer identity. The SuperEagles brand.

Under Pinnick, and Rohr, the brand has been damaged. We might as rebrand the SuperEagles as SuperChickens.

At the 1994 world cup, the bankruptcy of vision by all immediate stakeholders (players, coaches, administrators, support staff), the misaligned interests, short term thinking, first appearance at a world cup, and the internecine fights/rivalries ensured that the golden SuperEagles generation didn't fulfill their potential. Players now lament a missed historic opportunity for both personal and professional success/glory.

Fast forward to 2021, a similarly talented generation is being railroaded into the now familiar dustbin of unfulfilled expectations.
We are back full circle where the brand, and opportunities for a new generation of players are going to be squandered because of Pinnick, and Rohr. The collective personal and professional ambitions of those involved in the Nigerian football fraternity, the hardwork and sacrifice of players, and support staff all wiped out due to the ineptitude, incompetence, and cluelessness of Pinnick and Rohr.

Can the German Federation tolerate a losing coach with all its sponsorship commitments.  Can an entire program depend on the ego, and whims of two individuals in a serious setup? The lack of accountability from Pinnick has been exposed.

Retaining Rohr is an admission the current executive board of the NFF has no clue about or are interested in the financial viability/independence of the organization.

We must courageously face the facts and ensure Rohr is gone. At the next NFF election, we must also ensure Pinnick's era is over if Rohr is retained.
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Re: Nigerian football at the crossroads

Post by Eaglezbeak »

The NFF are amateurs as I have said,they won’t employ professionals to take care of such matters. Pinnick won’t pay experienced representatives instead he’ll jump on a plane to meetings and negotiations and expose his incompetence.

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