BOSSO Names 40 for U20 Camp......

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Re: BOSSO Names 40 for U20 Camp......

Post by Damunk »

Adisboy wrote: Fri Apr 29, 2022 10:52 pm
Damunk wrote: Fri Apr 29, 2022 12:36 pm
Adisboy wrote: Fri Apr 29, 2022 10:39 am Prof, it's just madness. The U20 & U17 should have been in camp now for at least 9months before now. I just don't get the plan of the current leadership on youth football. There seems to be no program for the national youth teams as they are only called up weeks to a crucial tournament. This to me, is the height of cluelessness.
Wait o.
I'm just trying to understand.
How would a 9-month camping programme work for these young men and women?
Even more so the U17s.

Does the NFF not have a responsibility not to jeopardise their education, their family life and even their club careers for those that are already on the books of clubs?
Make we think am well o.
You can't do a 9-month camp the way you seem to be suggesting.
Does it happen that way anywhere else in the world?
Just curious.
Damunk, you are clearly misunderstanding my point. What i am saying is the team should have been formed at least 9 months ago. I don't mean they would be in camp for a stretch of 9 months. Like in the past, there was intermittent camping, where they come together for 3-4 weeks camping play friendlies then break up for weeks then reassemble again. You don't form a team just 3 weeks to a major tournament & expect miracles. Iheanacho & Osimhen sets were formed almost 2 years before the World Cups & almost a year before qualifiers. As the team progresses players are added & dropped during this period before the final squad emerges. This is clearly not the case now. I don't have high hopes for the current set up.
Okay, I misunderstood what you meant by “9 months in camp”. My bad.
There are those however that advocate for exactly that.

As stated earlier, my concern is for the welfare of the kids - esp the younger ones from 18 and below. Wherever the national camp is, it is a long, arduous and expensive journey for any young man - or woman. Their education is disrupted not to mention family life.
I have no idea what the NFF thinks or does about it, but we should all be asking the right questions because many of those kids really have nobody looking out for them.
And as we know, they’re not all going to make it.
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Re: BOSSO Names 40 for U20 Camp......

Post by Agbako »

Bosso as coach just depressess me. I pray he has improved. What I saw in Canada yrs back with this same age group with a lot of good players { Ambrose etc} badly coached left a lot to be desired as a Coach. My own opinion.

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