The Wage of NT Manager in Africa? IS IT WORTH IT?

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The Wage of NT Manager in Africa? IS IT WORTH IT?

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Often wages of NT Managers in Africa are compared to managers in Europe and we are being told that they are underpaid. Meanwhile, these managers, often from Europe, spend less just 1- 2 months total in a year in Africa. In essence, they are simply journeying to Africa for a vacation. They do not live in Africa. Thus, while they receive a large paycheck compared to even the indigenous NT managers, they spend less time on the continent. The results that they produce are often not significantly better than those produced by indigenous NT managers see the historical records of NT managers in Nigeria for a good example. The question is whether such investment on such managers is worth their output?

1. I do not see any reason why a manager hired from Europe should continue to reside in Europe to manage an African national team. In today's world, you can scout a national team labor from anywhere. Thus, the fact that most of the players are in Europe does not mean you have to reside in Germany or Switzerland. After all, Germany or Switzerland still means you have to travel across national borders to se the players if that is the real reason. I do not even think that such is necessary given that there are scouts. If you need to travel, you can also travel from Lagos or Abuja.

2. The wages are staggering because the actual comparison cannot be with a manager in England or Switzerland given the difference in cost of living in those locales. The more relevant comparison is with the wages of others in Nigeria because that is the locale where the practice and the wages occur.

3. There is a more compelling reason for such managers to reside in Nigeria. The job id not just about the 3-5 days camping with invited players but it must also entail appearances as the face of the national team, attending other relevant meetings, and much more. Those are more easily done if the manager resides in Nigeria than in Europe.
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