Sunday Oliseh interview

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Re: Sunday Oliseh interview

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Ohhh..? So we're just gon' to pretend and run away from the comments on JJ :lol: .

If Oliseh is a hater so is our lord Mourinho (reported spiritual coach of Peseiro and SE) who has been reported as saying similar things about John Obi's suitability as an offensive midfielder. If we go further back we have the stark example of Carlos Valderrama, a similar non-pacy passer who while loved by his nation and true soccer fans was never a big splash in club football. Or we can go even further back and talk about another pick n' pass midfielder, the late great Socrates MD who spent a year in Europe and ran back to Brazil. Given the reality of the money side of football, the U-21 John Obi was never going to be the professional footballer John Obi.

That said, I'm loving Oliseh and Ikwerreman's books going beyond the same tales of disaccord, bad pitches, bad administrators, money issues and taking controversial but well thought out positions to create a new lane for our professional athletes and punters. There are many people who can tell the story of how they played barefoot, got discovered and then went to the big-big abroad stadium already, we have heard, the world is ready for fresh takes. They should attack the BBC, France 24, DW, the American sports blogs and others for more publicity. They have a good product.
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Re: Sunday Oliseh interview

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txj wrote: Tue Jun 21, 2022 1:09 am
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txj wrote: Mon Jun 20, 2022 10:27 pm
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maceo4 wrote: Mon Jun 20, 2022 5:36 pm
txj wrote: Mon Jun 20, 2022 5:28 pm

Why do we Nigerians perform so poorly in understanding of the game?

Oliseh is not speaking as a fan here wrt Mikel, but strictly as a coach, with his own ideas and concept of the game.

I don't personally agree with his view of Mikel and role of the DM, but I fully understand that this is strictly on a conceptual level. Sir Alex for instance did not see Mikel as a DM. Is he also petty in his regard?

Its not pettiness towards Mikel, cus its not personal.

Different managers see different players from different lens...
I hear you but he also went into an unrelated personal story about Mikel which had nothing to do with the question, which tells me he’s still holding onto something from his time with Mikel, it was obvious when he refused to give him the captain ship, oddly picking Musa instead…

That's not quite correct.
But what does Mikel (and another player - clearly Enyeama) not coming during his time as coach have to do with whether he sees him as an AM or DM?

He was answering a question. He chose to be expansive on the topic and made the very point that ironically he's bein accused of here. That it was not personal, but a matter of different perspectives on the game.

I still don't agree with his perspective though...

I think he needs to read Jose's explanation of JM's role, which I quoted in my piece on Mikel from years ago...
And quite ironic his views considering his career...
Abeg make we hear word txj, he was more focused on trying to dispel rumors that he dropped Mikel rather than answering the actual question, that’s why Edafe quickly changed the topic because he wasn’t trying to go down that rabbit hole…

You can believe what you want to. You SO haters will always reach such conclusions anyways...

Edafe screwed up IMO. He had an opportunity for a follow up discussion. A proper football discussion, not the kind of idle talk we have here..

SO described his idea of a DM. He could've challenged that view with the example of Mikel's career/role as a different kind of DM, and a top one at that...
txj, this is not about SO hating. Even a blind man can “see” that he still bears a grudge towards Mikel. Not only did he dismiss Mikel’s play-making potential, which quite frankly, served the SuperEagles well on occasion, he also downplayed Mikel’s ability as a defensive midfielder… and as I mentioned in a previous post, he ignored the fact that both Man U and Chelsea recruited Mikel because of his offensive and play-making potential. It just so happens that Chelsea was top heavy on AMs and rather light on DMs and consequently, Mourinho felt he could convert him into a decent defensive midfielder. Who knows what kind of Mikel we would have seen had he gone to Man U instead of Chelsea❓🤔❗️

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Re: Sunday Oliseh interview

Post by hestonap »

Superficially enjoyable, some ‘nice’ anecdotes beyond that not sure there was much to take away.

The moment the interviewer opened with and repeated comments about ‘you’re my hero’ etc, it ought to have been obvious there were not going to be hard hitting or digging questions.

Even on areas of ‘controversy’ they pretty much had settled on a similar outcome/narrative.

Nothing new revealed here.

Superficially enjoyable, truly critical questions and opening up on previously unknown pieces of information? not really.
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Re: Sunday Oliseh interview

Post by cchinukw »

EMIR KONGI JAFFI JOFFA wrote: Sat Jun 18, 2022 2:21 am Too bad that oliseh doesn't have a real job in football other than talking. Like him or hate him, he's the type we need in our football administration, not picnic and shehu and other nepotism influenced appointments.
You do realise that there are actual jobs in footbadll media where you do nothing but talk. Right??
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Re: Sunday Oliseh interview

Post by imehjunior »

Mikel insists he enjoyed a solid relationship with everyone he worked with at the national team, including Sunday Oliseh.
And the 35-year-old has called on his compatriot to show others respect and not seek unnecessary attention. ... r-jab.html
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