Paserio Snubbed by NFF Official at AFCON Medal Podium

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Paserio Snubbed by NFF Official at AFCON Medal Podium

Post by Kabalega »

Did you all see that? :shock:
When Paseiro went up the podium to get his medal. He shook hands with a genuine smile and people reciprocated except one, the Nigerian guy wearing a dark green top with “Naija” on the back. :shock:
It was strange…. If he had plain clothes on, I would have mistaken him for a S. African or CIV official.
Yet, the S. Africans and Ivorians shook Paseiro’s hands with warm congratulatory smiles.
If I were in Paseiro’s shoes, I would have quit right there and then.

I hope someone can dig up evidence of that exchange.
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