for the goats and losers disrespecting Finidi George

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Re: for the goats and losers disrespecting Finidi George


Bell wrote: Sat Mar 30, 2024 5:17 am
EMIR KONGI JAFFI JOFFA wrote: Sat Mar 30, 2024 4:17 am We're really at an inflection point with Finidi George regarding the SE coaching job. Though he's qualified to be head coach, we cannot isolate his qualifications from his sentimental value to the fans.

Finidi George is SE. He was in the engine room of the most successful Era of SE history. Without Finidi there's no 94 SE and no 94 Afcon. Most of us here were influenced by the work he did for Nigeria in Europe and for SE.

Though I'd rather a more experienced coach due to the importance of the upcoming wcq. However, I also feel we don't have a real choice.

I cannot in good conscience oppose Finidi as head coach of Nigeria. I really wouldn't be able to live with my decision. I've tried to justify opposing him for different reasons but I just can't justify it to satisfy my conscience.

What we need to do know is to rally around him and hope he gets the necessary resources needed for him to succeed. If he does well I'll be elated, if he doesn't I'm willing to take the hit as a badge of honor.

Because of, and for , Keshi, Amodu,Chukwu, Manu Garba and all the local coaches that have done us proud over the years and lifted the flag high. We must give Finidi a fair and honest chance to not only lead but create the new SE. That's all.

...I'd like to know if someone is impersonating you.

On the subject of not using available subs, there are many reasons why coaches don't always use them in games of no import like this: players on the bench (like Lookman) are well known so there's no reason to see them again, better the unknowns be given full opportunity. Maybe the coach wants to try a particular combination of players, or trying to avoid injuries to key players just before a meaningful set of matches. Why would Lookman, as ALLEGED, be so upset? What does he get from playing in matches like this? All over the world in all sports, coaches do this in exhibitions and the proven players welcome it.
At this point his substitutions vs Mali really doesn’t matter, we did see him manage the first game quite well. The bigger issue is whether or not Finidi will be given the job and afforded the resources to succeed. LOCO or WOWO, we’re all going down fast unless the Nff gets its act together and makes decisive decisions and backs it up. We’re playing with serious danger of missing the WC twice in a row. If that happens we all lose.

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