Mbappe Already In The Goat Conversation...

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Re: Mbappe Already In The Goat Conversation...

Post by ohsee »

theDunamis wrote: Fri Dec 16, 2022 10:10 pm
mate wrote: Fri Dec 16, 2022 9:32 pmYou don craze!


Argentina 1986? Burruchaga? Valdano?

You can't possibly compare these to the Brazilian players I listed. Take Maradona off and they don't sniff a final.

Brazil has always been a top NT. They won the WC final in 1962 with Pele watching!!!

Don't get me wrong about I keep saying...he is for me #1 with Diego...but let's not BS each other on how strong Brazil was.

My God, Brazil is jogo bonito and ginga. We're really arguing this?

Mate! Mate!! Mate!!!

You keep going on about one Brazilian team. You said Pele played in "great teams". All I am asking of you as the claimant is to provide evidence for your claim. Name OTHER "great teams" that Pele played in. Leave the great Brazilian team aside for a minute and detail the other "great teams" you claim Pele played in and what made them great. :D

What you don't know is that many years back I also had a position similar to yours now. You see I grew up watching Maradona do his magic. I was a witness during the pinnacle years of the Argentine magician's wizardry on the pitch. I saw, heard about, saw again and heard more about his brilliance again and again. And he made this easy because he kept making magic. And I and others like you were grateful consumers. But I and others like you had an unconscious bias. And my unconscious bias remained until the day I saw Ohsee's post on the GOAT topic here on the forum and I started digging to find out more...

Pele was a once in a lifetime football prodigy. So was Maradona. However, when you actually take time to look into the body of work of both and their trajectory to greatness, it will take a conscious bias then to not say that Pele wins the GOAT title. Period!
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