Fundraising For Brother Suya's Burial In December

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Fundraising For Brother Suya's Burial In December

Post by YUJAM »

My CE brethren,
As you all know, we lost an Iroko of immense proportions last year December 8th.
Due to Covid, and a host of other issues, his burial was delayed.
The family has now announced the funeral to take place on December 8th 2021.
His family is aware of the love and support CE has shown to Suya since his shocking demise. Suya played a great role in the formation of CE and his contributions are legendary. More importantly, he was a dear friend to any who reached out. His philanthropy applied all and sundry albeit outside public view.
Anyone who knew Suya could never have a bad thing to say about our jolly good giant.

To say he made an impact to those he came in contact with is to say the sky is blue. The thread announcing his death spurred so many tributes on CE. All one has to do is to click on the thread to understand the character and love Suya embodied in his short time on earth.

It is with this in mind that I humbly ask of all those who knew Suya and to those who may not have the privilege of knowing him to please join us as we contribute to help his family send him home in a befitting and worthy manner.

We have set up fund raising through CE to contribute as much as we can from widow’s might to all that is possible. Suya never asked of anything from those he knew but he always gave.
So, I beg of you my brothers and sisters, whatever you are able to give please endeavor to do.
Let’s show our love and appreciation to a CE pioneer, a good man, an excellent writer and an unrivaled comedian in prose who wore Green white Green colors more super than even our very beloved Eagles!
It hurts me to write of Iwedi Ojinmah in the past tense but my faith in our communal commitment and dedication to one another gives me confidence that our collective support will give us all a reason to be proud.
I promise you that our goodwill will steward a family in grief towards a better peace of mind. Their gratitude and appreciation will forever remain steadfast for the love we have shown our fallen brother- Suya!

Note: This fund raising drive will run from now till December 5th upon which we will tabulate our collective efforts and handover to his family in the person of Helga Iwedi, Suya’s sister, in Atlanta, Georgia.
Please, as I mentioned earlier, should you choose to show support, pls post your contribution in this thread with or without amount contributed. You can also do so anonymously just make sure to send a private msg to either Robby, Cellular or Yujam.
At the end of the drive, we will post the total amount raised and CE will officially present our hand of support to the family.

* Donations from North America should be sent to Robbynice.
Zelle: 678-358-9761.
CashApp: $Robbynice
PayPal: [email protected]
PM Robby for account details if need to wire to account.

Please DM Robby once you send your donation.
Please also post on this thread that you have donated. For those who wish to remain anonymous, simply send your payment and notify in private.*

** For those in Nigeria, please send your payments to Cristao.
Let me thank him for agreeing to accept this responsibility. It is greatly appreciated and God will bless you immensely for your efforts.

Pls PM Cristao II for account details if you are making payment in Nigeria.**

*** For those who have expressed a desire to contribute outside of CE, here are my details. Any funds sent will be reported to both Yujam and Cellular for accountability purposes.
CashApp: $UmunnaEmenyonu


Zelle: 832-516-5437 (Adaora)

Pls PM MKE1010 for account details if need for using bank account.***

*****For Folks in U.K or Europe pls contact SirV via PM.
Thanks and God bless.*****
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Re: Fundraising For Brother Suya's Burial In December

Post by Its a Goal »

I am still in disbelief about Suya. I cried the day I heard his humor is forever gone. He was a man larger than life and that’s why as a community we can’t forget him and it will be a Nobel thing for those who got to know him to send him off in a proper way. To this end I support all the gestures being made by the committee to create a legacy for his memory and donation to support his family in sending him in a proper note.
2 of the finest indigenous coaches Nigeria ever had lost in a space of 4 days. Dear Lord, is this a sign that you are taking away from us what we failed to appreciate? I pray for forgiveness of our sins. I pray for the humility to recognize our wrongs and the humbleness and wisdom to right our ways.


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